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Total National spending on medicines in the US in 2018 $482 bn

Leading therapy areas in U.S. medicine spending for 2018: Antidiabetics, Oncologics, Autoimmune Diseases. 

More than 100 Million American are living with Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes

Opiod Crisis and Addiction in the U.S. skyrockets

More than 47% of Americans have a leading heart disease factor.

Specialty medication is expected to increase to 50% of drug costs by 2020.

Over 200 new specialty drugs in the pipeline

Pharmaceutical Pricing Under Increased Scrutiny

Targeted High Risk Employee Disease Management

Chronic Respiratory Disease


Heart Disease

Opioid Misuse

Psychiatric Issues

Urinary Tract Disease

Gastrointestinal Disease


Smoking Cessation

Covid-19 Rapid Test Kit

This test has been authorized by FDA under an
EUA for use by authorized laboratories.

In response to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, we are now offering the IgM/IgG antibody rapid test kit to equip healthcare workers for rapid COVID-19 antibody detection. This COVID-19 Rapid Test Kit is suitable for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 IgM/IgG antibodies in human serum, plasma, or whole blood. 

  • IgG sensitivity of 92.88%, specificity of 99.06% and accuracy of 96.17%

  • IgM sensitivity of 87.54%, specificity of 98.43% and accuracy of 93.33%

  • Sample Volume: 20µL fingertip blood and whole blood sample, or 10µL serum and plasma

  • Detection Method: Colloidal Gold Detection Time: 10 – 15 minutes

  • Suitable for Point of Care Testing, no need for extra equipment

  •  A 100 tests minimal order is needed initially

  • Shipping costs on larger quantities TBD immediately upon purchase order 

  • Each Box Contains: 10/25/50x Individual sealed pouches (1x Test cassette, 1x Desiccant pouch), 10/25/50x disposable pipettes, sample diluent and 1x instructions for use (IFU)

  • Full payment required upon order due to high demand 

  • The kits have a shelf life of 16-18 months and are stored at room temperature.

Employee and Patient Safety with EPHM

  • Improve the safety of your employees , clinical staff and/or patients 

  • Reduce the rate and spread of infection 

  • Quick and easy testing 

  • State of the art technology

  • Capacity to service your facility and community

  • Excellent Customer Service and Responsiveness 

  • Affordable price point 

  • CLIA Certified Manufacturer for Import and Export 

  • FDA Approved Manufacturer 

  • Pending FDA Approval and EUA Certification for COVID-19 Test Kits (expected to receive shortly) 


Normally make up about 75% of your prescriptions and are about 25% of your employee prescription costs

An additional expense on top of normal prescriptions that can range from 25-75% of your entire prescription costs

Normally make up about 25% of your prescriptions and are about 75% of your employee prescription costs 

According to
National Business Group on Health (NBGH) 
Large U.S. employers project healthcare benefit costs to surpass $14,000 per employee in 2018

UnderstandING TERMS 



Drugs are discounted and rebated based on their status and brand, generic or specialty. PBM's may reclassify certain drugs to improve their margins, because generics are discounted much more aggressively than brand name drugs. 



Generic Drug means ALL PRODUCTS involved in patent litigation, Single Source Generic Drugs, Multi-Source Generic Drugs, house generics, and Generic Drugs that may only be available in a limited supply.


These definitions can have significant cost implications for the client. 

The PBM may wish to treat a generic as a brand drug it if is single source, subject to any patent action, or launched after an effective date.

PBM : Loopholes, Hidden Fees and Exclusions

Loop Holes:

A common PBM tactic is to allow for certain pharmaceutical manufacturer revenues to fall outside of the definition of "Rebates". By doing so, the PBM is able to retain Pharma dollars while still claiming 100% pass through of rebates. In an ideal PBM contract, all pharma revenues will be passed through to the client following: 

  • Rebate Administration Fees

  • Inflation Protection Revenues 

  • Formulary Administration Fees

Hidden Fees:


The PBM contract must list specific fees for the variety of services provided. These fees are negotiable based on the market benchmarks. Examples include: 

  • Clinical programs (Step therapy, Disease management, member outreach, etc.)

  • Opioid safety/ Fraud, Waste, and Abuse programs 

  • Integration Programs

  • Custom Member Letters 

  • Custom Formulary Services 

  • Prior Authorization and Member Appeals



The PBM may propose to exclude certain prescriptions from rebates. While this may be more challenging, it may be possible to negotiate the inclusion of rebates from all prescription types including: 

  • Onsite Pharmacy Claims

  • Generic Drug Claims

  • OTC products and Diabetic supplies (when ordered by prescription)