We focus on helping  employers cut their Employee Prescription costs and help save a substantial amount of Health Care expenditures. 

Employee Prescription and Healthcare Management

We have been involved in health care for over 30 years and have partnered with preferential partnerships to develop a new creative way to decrease hospital expenditures, clinic visits costs, prescription costs, specially drug costs and improve employee health, all with you in mind.

Our main focus is to help employers cut their
Employee Prescription costs and help save a substantial amount of healthcare expenditures. 



We offer a Pro Active and innovative approach with modern healthcare solutions. This provides a cost-savings potential to the employer ranging from 20 - 30%. Our model is tailored to each individual employer's needs. Currently insurance only provides a few plans for all employers.

Take control of your medical costs by improving benefits planning by understanding the overall health 
of your employees


Prevent rising health care costs
by offering convenient access
to quality on-site medical care.

Tele-Med Program

Fill in the gaps between what the healthcare industry traditionally proved and what many employees need. 

Health Coach

Texas Based, Texas Proud.


Normally make up about 75% of your prescriptions and are about 25% of your employee prescription costs

An additional expense on top of normal prescriptions that can range from 25-75% of your entire prescription costs

Normally make up about 25% of your prescriptions and are about 75% of your employee prescription costs 

According to National Business Group on Health (NBGH) 
Large U.S. employers project healthcare benefit costs to surpass $14,000 per employee
in 2018


  • Start by sharing your Employee Prescription data with EPHM

  • Get a FREE report and analysis on the anticipated savings 

  • Start our program with no-commitment for the first 90 days

  • Cost-savings on pharmaceutical and medical costs are now evident

  • Partner with EPHM for long-term shared savings

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